Top Rated Business, Inc.®
Territory Ownership Program


Top Rated℠ is experiencing tremendous growth as we rapidly expand into 400 new territories in 2022.


If you are an accomplished sales and marketing professional looking to own your own business, this may be a great fit for you.


Our territory ownership program allows the entrepreneurial minded sales and marketing professional to start building their own future via a Top Rated® territory. Territory ownership starts as low as $4,950 and ranges up to $79,950.


To review, simply click the links below and review the opportunity overview and outline in detail. We have provided a complete outline of the territory ownership opportunity, complete with revenue and profit projections.


After reviewing, If you are interested in pursuing a territory, please fill out the remaining questions and click SUBMIT. Once we receive your questionnaire, we will assess the information and a territory representative will make contact within 48 hours to discuss a partnership.



Powered By Google
  • Our mobile web-app, online directory and printed directory are comprised of only top rated and reviewed businesses from the 4 top peer review companies. We feature both local and national companies that serve the local communities.


  • Our mobile web-app allows users to find only local Top Rated businesses with a simple tap of their finger.


  • Our online directory allows consumers to find Top Rated businesses in their local area, with the simple click of a mouse.


  • Our printed directories are delivered directly to the 60,000 highest income households in the territory, with an average income of $75,000 per year, via the United States Postal Service.


  • All of our directories showcase the 100 most searched business categories on Google.  We showcase 4 Top Rated business partners per category.  One business per category will be our featured Top Rated business and the other 3 businesses listed in a directory style listing.


  • Due to the sheer volume of advertising partners across the nation, we are able to offer rates that are some of the lowest in the industry.  Coupled with an impressive response rate, our partners get an enormous return on investment.


Optimized Google Business Listings

Getting Google to show a business at the top of their business listings does not happen by chance, and there are only 2 possible ways for this to happen.


(1) Pay Google through a bidding platform whereby you must be the highest bidder for that selected keyword or key-phrase. Although being the top bidder will ensure your business is listed at the top, you will pay between $1 - $400 per click.. NOT PER SALE, PER CLICK!


Businesses pay this regardless of whether the customer takes any further action. For most businesses, the customer acquisition cost is too uncertain and too costly to continue the campaign.


(2) Become Top Rated and ensure that your Google Business Listing is properly optimized for relevant and high value keywords, ensure that your business has numerous recent 5-star reviews across multiple review platforms, actively engage with consumers that leave reviews and have properly optimized image content on your profile.


When done correctly, Google will choose our Top Rated partner to be listed in the top three without charging the business whatsoever.


Top Rated has developed a search platform network that works in conjunction with Google’s search algorithm, resulting in top of page results for our partners. We implement all of the necessary data points and optimization techniques so that our Top Rated partners achieve top of page status.



What We Provide You
  • Dedicated Advertisement Design Team - Our team of professional graphic designers and ad copy writers will work directly with you and your customers, to create a winning advertisement for your customer. This includes a completed advertisement for the mobile app, exclusive web page and an 8.5″ x 11″ custom ad for our printed directory.  You can view a sample directory here.
  • Dedicated Web Development Team - Each territory owner is assigned a member of our web development team that is responsible for updating web pages, ensuring our latest search engine optimization strategies are applied to your site and making sure all recent updates to your site is complete.  You can view a page from one of our open territories here.
  • Dedicated Marketing Assistant - Each territory owner is assigned a live marketing assistant.  This person is responsible for setting up your territory specific Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin accounts.  In addition, the assistant will provide each territory owner with 4 businesses per category, in 200 selected categories.  These businesses have all passed our internal guidelines for the Top Rated Business® partner designation based on their ratings and reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor and BBB.  You can view an open territory’s Linkedin page here.
  • 800 Qualified Business Leads - You are provided with the name, address and phone number of 800 businesses that have been selected as a Top Rated Business®.  In addition to having high ratings and reviews, these businesses were selected based on the alignment of their current ad spend with our products, ensuring a quality lead prospect.
  • Custom Built Website - Your website has been custom built and specific to your territory.  Your website has over 200 pages that have been propagated with the aforementioned 800 Top Rated Business® partners.  Each page has been optimized by our web developers for optimum search engine recognition.  (there is no limit to the amount of pages, but we handle the first 200 pages)
  • Search Engine Optimization - One pillar of our business model, is that each category specific web page has been built with our latest proprietary optimization techniques.  Over 30 separate and distinct methods are applied to each and every page.  Due to this, our pages routinely rank on the first page of all organic search results across all search engines.
  • Exclusive Territory - You will have a defined territory to work within, with zero infringement from other territory owners.  This allows for immediate growth within the territory, and the territory agreement runs in perpetuity, giving our territory owners the security of knowing they are building a business of their own, that can be passed down to future generations.
  • Full Service Printing - Our beautiful publications are printed using the most efficient and up to date printers in the industry. Because we handle all of your printing needs, in-house, it allows you to focus on sales and customer service.
  • Mailing Service - Our in house direct mail department handles all of the permitting, sorting, addressing, and mailing from start to finish. Allowing you to focus on sales and customer service.
  •  Intellectual Property Use - The entire layout of our mobile app, online directory and printed publications are copyrighted and safeguarded against potential infringement from competitors. We own numerous registered trademarks, and thus, are safeguarded from any potential infringement from competitors. You will have the luxury of owning and operating your own local business, while enjoying the benefits of a national brand and national company.
  • Software and Sales Tools - Every territory owner gains access to all of our sales tools and software.  Software that allows you and your customers direct access and communication with your dedicated design team, development team and marketing assistant. This allows a very efficient process for the ad design and proofing from both you and your customer.
  • Sales Tools that allow for email marketing campaigns that help you reach customers more easily in your territory. Best sales practices have been developed and are shared with each territory owner, leading to much higher sales volumes.

In short, we take care of literally everything on your behalf. We have developed a business model that is truly turn key.


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What You Provide Us
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Retention
  • Ad Proofing
  • Honest Business Dealings
  • Protecting Our Brand


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Low Cost of Entry

You may ask, “why is the cost of this business so inexpensive”?

Very good question, and the answer is very simple. Since 2015, our team has worked tirelessly on developing the brand, securing the intellectual property protections and developing the tools discussed above.

We are now in the territory expansion phase of our business model.

Our revenue model is not based on acquiring territory agreements and fees like many other franchise type models or corporate owned business opportunities.

We are specifically looking to partner with sales and marketing professionals that want to own their own business, but do not have the hundreds of thousands of dollars that is typically needed to start their own.

This phase of our business model allows us to offer territories at a price substantially under market value.

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Revenue Outline

One of the simplest and highest revenue/profit models, period.

3 separate and unique plans to fit every business partner’s marketing goals and budgets.

Our Top Rated Business Partners receive:

  • Exclusive placement as the featured Top Rated Business partner on their category specific web page.
  • Exclusive placement as the featured Top Rated Business partner on their category specific web-app page.
  • Exclusive placement as the featured Top Rated Business partner on their category specific 8.5″ x 11″ directory page.
  • Entire web page, complete with partner specific images and content, that is shown in search engine results.
  • Social Media posts targeting their local demographic via Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin accounts.

The below income projections, are provided to you for you to assess the value of your new business. These are not given for the purpose of enticement, but rather, are the actual revenue and costs associated with your business.

There are 400 available categories per territory in which to procure Top Rated Business Partners.  Although we expect our territory owners to eventually fill all 400 categories, the projections below are realistic benchmarks in the first year.

100 Top Rated Business Partners

Yearly Revenue From 100 Category Pages:                         $463,200 
Yearly Cost For Printing:                                                      –  $53,492
Yearly Cost For Postage and Freight:                                  –  $36,000
Yearly Cost For Web Page Design:                                      –  $29,100
Yearly Cost For Design of 100 Print Ads:                             –    $9,500
Yearly Gross Profit:                                                             $335,108

75 Top Rated Business Partner

Yearly Revenue From 75 Category Pages:                            $347,400
Yearly Cost For Printing, Sorting, and Handling:                   <$43,992>
Yearly Cost For Postage and Freight:                                   <$32,400>
Yearly Cost For Web Page Design:                                      <$21,825>
Total Cost For Design of 75 Ads:                                            <$7,125>
Yearly Gross Profit                                                               $263,862

50 Top Rated Business Partners

Yearly Revenue From 50 Category Pages:                            $231,600
Yearly Cost For Printing, Sorting, and Handling:                   <$35,712>
Yearly Cost For Postage and Freight:                                   <$28,400>
Yearly Cost For Web Page Design:                                      <$14,550>
Total Cost For Design of 50 Ads:                                            <$4,750>
Yearly Gross Profit                                                               $180,329


IF YOU HAVE REVIEWED THE ABOVE, AND WOULD LIKE TO BE CONSIDERED FOR A TERRITORY, then please answer the series of questions to follow, and click submit when finished. These questions are designed to be non-intrusive, but yet informational enough for our team to determine if you meet our initial requirements. (PLEASE NOTE: Top Rated Business, Inc. is not making you an offer to purchase a territory at this point, that will happen at a later date after our initial screening is complete)


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