Optimizing Your Google Business Listing is one of the most important steps you can take to get optimal results from organic Google searches.  Incidentally, it can be one of the most inexpensive items on any businesses balance sheet because you can do it yourself if you have an intermediate level understanding of SEO.

When someone searches for a business type or a place, Google will show them a relevant business located near their current location.  However, simply being near the customer will not get your business shown at the top of Google results.

Google has a number of key factors that they rely on in determining whether your listing is going to be in the top of the list.  Knowing them and understanding how to apply them is key to being listed at the top of Google, and no amount of “trickery” is going to out-maneuver Google.

To start, understand that Google basically knows everything about your business.  No, not the information you provided them, but information provided to them by all of the other data points they have indexed about your business from other internet sources.

Assume for a minute that Google has every word, picture, link and page of the internet in a neatly organized digital folder.  (they do by the way)  Now, imagine all of the things that may have been written, posted, shared, etc. about you and your business.  From a customer review directly on Google to a BBB complaint to a fundraiser your business participated in.  All of it, they have it.

Additionally, they also know how many people visited your website, how long they stayed on your website, what actions they took while they were on your website and they also followed all of the links from your website to someone else’s website and they indexed that information too.

They also know who exactly called you from your listing and how long that conversation was.  You get the idea.

That’s why they are so good at what they do.  They have all of the data to be that good.  So, it basically comes down to you ensuring that your business information that is out there on all of the information they receive from these key data points they rely on are both non contradictory and also relevant tot he services you actually offer.

As simple as that may sound, this is a very time consuming task that takes not just time, but a cohesive strategy from true experts in this field.  If you would like to have it done once, and done right, please reach out and let us know.  We can take a look at your Google Business Listing and provide you with a detailed report on what needs to be done to ensure you are being shown at the top of Google results.